We are passionate about the planet we live in. We are committed to change the traditional habits of usage of products in our daily lives. Our goal is to embark a new journey that will introduce real sustainability by offering handpicked brands committed both to slow fashion and business ethics.

Qapla believes in the power of ethical and sustainable approaches and aims to create a community by engaging both businesses and individuals in order to decrease the harm on our planet caused by the mass production and consumption. Not only will this paradigm enable our planet with a significantly more enjoyable place to live in; but also, we will be proud to pass it to many generations to come.


As Qapla’s two founding women professionals, have always dreamed of a shopping platform offering solely environment-friendly products. We both have advanced degrees and worked in luxury fashion and interior design for years. We strongly believe in positively changing consumer behavior and manufacturers’ sustainable approaches, and are committed to fundamental ethics of the businesses.

Not until a few years ago, when the word ‘sustainable’ was used, people would imagine products that are dull, colourless and boring. This perception has become outdated as we have proved the world that brands can be both ethical and fashionable at the same time. We have started realizing the benefits of our goal by observing the consumers’ awareness in their daily lives thanks to the relentless efforts of our valuable customers, business partners, and various social organizations who unreservedly believe in this cause and share the same vision.

We hope you enjoy the world of Qapla and join our community to be a part of the change.


It is a known fact that the environmental responsibility is undeniably both universal and universally significant. We are delighted to offer a platform that will facilitate a multi-brand shopping more convenient, cost-effective, and efficient on a centralized website and to raise sustainability consumption awareness on a global scale as we observe that the consumer goods industry is becoming increasingly more ethical every day.


Our prudently-selected partners offer a wide variety of luxurious products by strictly adhering to the sustainability principles. Each of our partners offers a wide variety of products having a unique story behind. Qapla is delighted to unequivocally support them to achieve further throughout their ethical journey.