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Fanfare Scale – Pearl

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Sustainability Ethics



Fanfare is a bucket bag, ornamented with beautiful Georgian walnut heartwood scales and comes with a wooden base. The handles are handknitted and embroidered with wooden rings that work also as a handgrip. Fanfare will be your ideal companion for evening gatherings.


Handknitted with 100% acrylic microfiber yarn

Georgian walnut heartwood


Wooden base



21H x 44D
Depth: 11 cm
Handle length: 94 cm

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Returns are accepted if there is a fault. The brand must be notified of any faults with photographic evidence prior to returning an item. If you would like to return your item, please email us at 

WOYOYO items are handmade to order, we do not hold stock for sustainable purposes. All items are handmade and craftedwith attention to quality, detail and sustainability.

WOYOYO items are made fairly, we employ artisans in their homes and our production allows for flexible working time.

It takes time to train our crafts-people and Leko shares vigorous quality control in both training and production. For this reason our items and the quality of our work is very hard to replicate.

All the wood is natural and cut according to the local renewable sourcing regulations. Georgian Walnut Heartwood is a precious material and has unique aesthetic qualities. Walnut is not endemic in forests and is valued across Georgia and other countries both for its fruit and as a material.

We believein a minimal waste, we have a policy to use the maximum cut wood without waste.