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The Prodigy 15mm - storm blend

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Unveil your inner prodigy! This bracelet has it all: 3 big size stunning deep green jade stones cut in our special Mgoun cut, set in the strongest platinum and clasped onto an ubercool macramé design of greens and greys. This is our top of the line design, so distinctive yet so wearable. Please note that our gemstones are natural, untreated and unheated and colours will slightly vary. We work hard to always select the special ones that catch the eye and warm the heart.
Size  & Composition

15 mm wide  macramé band with circumference of 195mm and smaller option of 185mm

3 large green jade (nephrite)  stones with a total of 8.74 carats (hand crafted so varies slightly per piece)

unique signature cut : Mgoun cut

a total of approx 7.14 gr recycled platinum 950 (hand crafted so varies slightly per piece):

the stones are set in a smooth (non faceted) solid platinum 950 case

solid recycled platinum 950 button lock with MAQÉ logo

    Jade has been cherished by humanity for more than 3000 years. In Chinese tradition Green Jade symbolizes the five virtues of humanity, which are courage, modesty, justice, compassion and wisdom. Wearing green jade will bring out the prodigy in you, amplifying your best qualities or gifts. It's considered a very lucky gemstone, usually bringing the peace and harmony in tense and conflicted situations, and will help to manifest and achieve your goals in life.

    Our Green Jade (nephrite) is sourced in British Columbia, Canada.
    Exchange & Returns

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase and you would like to return or exchange it you have 14 days from the date of delivery to do so. Please email at and supply the details of your purchase so we can start the return or exchange process. The piece will be collected it at the provided address free of charge. It is mandatory that all returned items are unused; in it’s original packaging and with the MAQÉ tags still attached. If the seal has been broken or the returned item does not meet our return policy we consider the sale as final. In that case we will return the item to the customer and no refund can be granted. Please note that all shipping on returns is complementary but the client is responsible for reclaiming paid duties and taxes. To recover these costs please contact your local customs bureau directly.